Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • How Apple Pay can streamline your spending, help keep track of purchases, and make spending more convenient (especially when you leave your wallet at home!).
  • Did you know that Tara used to be a professional couponer? Now she uses these same skills with a handful of apps that allow her to get the same money-saving deals!
  • The one app that tracks your packages from your email, checks for price drops, AND gets you a refund!

Tara and I are constantly asked where we shop, what we buy, who wore what etc, but we don’t often talk about all the money-saving tips and tricks we use to make this possible! We are two women that take our shopping very seriously, but running a business, 2 households, and managing money that goes in and out all day long is a chore! It’s so easy to lose money, miss out on the best deals, or not know when something you’ve purchased has gone on sale! So we’re giving you all our favorite app picks that will help you be a better money manager, get refunds when something you buy goes on sale, and how to make sure you’re getting the deepest discounts every single time! TUNE IN NOW

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Apps Suggested in This Episode:

Coupon Apps

  • RetailMeNot
    • Find great deals and coupons so you can shop on the go. 
    • Never miss a deal again – cashback offers, discount gift cards & coupons offer plenty of ways to save.
    • Take advantage of deals from over 50,000 retailers.
    • Enjoy food offers from thousands of local and national restaurants.
    • Tons of ways to save anytime! Up to 30% off gift cards, cash back offers and more.
    • Savings map: See all the offers near your current location.
    • Deal alerts: Get automatic notifications for nearby deals.
    • Redeem coupons: Scan barcodes right from your phone.
  • Krazy Coupon Lady
    • Couponing just got a whole lot easier! Find your favorite stores including Dollar General, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Costco, Dollar Tree, Whole Foods and Publix using our handy geolocation.
    • Quickly browse over 60 new deals per day and search thousands of coupons from sources like Coupons.com, Ibotta, and Checkout 51 in seconds! 
    • Create a shopping list, store your coupons and sync across multiple devices to cut your grocery bill in half! That's KRAZY smart savings!
    • Once you've got that down, share a photo of your shopping haul with the KCL community. Create a 'brag' and give us all the details of your savings! 
    • New to couponing? No problem! In-app tutorials and videos show you the ropes and turn you into a money-saving machine!

Money-Saving Apps

  • Digit
    • Digit saves the perfect amount of money every day based on your income and spending. 
    • Withdraw money from your savings at any time. Digit allows unlimited transfers and has no account minimums.
    • Earn a 1% Savings Bonus for saving money with Digit. Every 3 months Digit will automatically reward you for saving with a Savings Bonus (currently 1% annually). No fine print, no account minimums. Just sit back and collect your bonuses.
  • Clarity Money
    • Cancel unwanted monthly subscriptions to help save you money
    • Find credit card offers based on your spending habits
    • Manage your budget and expenses
    • Get started saving
    • Unlock your free VantageScore Credit Score by Experian
  • Mint
    • See Everything in one place
    • Manage Bills & Money Together
    • Save time and money
    • Budget Better
    • Be smart about your credit score
    • Say Goodbye to Late Fees
    • Stay Secure
    • Sync With The Mint Web App

Refund & Package Tracker

  • Slice
    • Will track your packages straight from your email receipts (even pre-orders!)
    • Will alert you to price drops on purchased items
    • Will email retailer for price adjustment and if successful, will take a small fee from the refunded amount!
    • Saves Your Receipts
    • Allows you to Budget
    • Scans Barcodes

Have additional questions about our favorite apps or have some of your own to share? Leave us a comment or question down below!