How You Can Harness the Power of Instagram Stories

Our favorite part of Instagram? Instagram stories. (kinda obvious, right?)

Instead of just a carefully edited and formulated snapshot on your Instagram feed, Stories provide a more accurate view of life, behind the scenes, and give you more opportunities to influence your audience.


Instagram Stories Has More Than 300 Million People Using It Every Day

As of November 2017, Instagram Stories has amassed 300 million daily active users, surpassing the 250 million daily user milestone. This means that roughly 75% of Instagrams 400+ million daily active users are accessing Instagram Stories. 


And you know what happens when you open up to your following and show your face, right? They:

  • Find ways to relate to you;
  • Are more forgiving of blunders;
  • Think of you as a person, and
  • Connect with you on a deeper level.

So what’s the combined, massive effect of all of those things?


Why? Because you showed yourself as a real-life human freaking being.

And we're showing you the tips, tricks, apps, ideas to share, get more views, and ultimately guide you to dominating with Instagram Stories.


Curating the perfect Instagram feed is a struggle, right? The pressure to post and share perfect pictures is sometimes overwhelming!

Good News! Instagram Stories is the OPPOSITE of that. Share the grainy, funny, fuzzy images and videos and do it when YOU please. No need to worry about the perfect time to post or if what you share fits your feed. Because it's YOU, it automatically will!

For us, Instagram Stories are the best way to interact with our followers and have people read THIS blog.

The big thing you have to remember here? USING LIVE VIDEO IS THE BEST WAY TO CONNECT TO YOUR AUDIENCE AND THE HIGHEST CONVERTING/WATCHED CONTENT YOU CAN PRODUCE! Strategically using Instagram Stories is a great way to grow online and be discovered.

Instagram stories are simple. They are easy to upload, watch, and interact with those who follow you. You're giving a realistic, often unfiltered look into your life and it's the rawest form of reality tv! It gives you a way to explain your content, share behind the scenes, tell a story, and build your brand.

Think of Instagram Stories as additional branding for your online persona. Be sure to show off your personality, your life, your thoughts, and what you have going on. The more realistic you can be, the more interesting you are. People want to see the real you and feel like they can connect with you.

THE RULES (just kidding. There are NO rules!) BUT GOOD THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND!

1. DO use hashtags - we covered this a bit last week. Using hashtags in your Stories allows you to be found by users SEARCHING that hashtag! Keep it relevant, simple, and super specific!

2. DO tag your location - again, perfect when you depend a lot on a local following. Make it stupid simple for people to find you!

3. DO Use stickers and gifs - these allow your followers a more interactive experience!

The rest? Just HAVE FUN!