Writing Captions That Connect

Your go-to guide to writing the perfect, community-building, action-boosting captions every single time:


Feeling stuck?

Start here and fill in the rest. One of the best things we do is share what we're doing/thinking/ feeling that day. Our feed(s) like @TALKTOMETAYLA @LAYLAO and @TARATHUESON aren't just to talk about ourselves, we also utilize them to tell our story. It's

  • Today I’m feeling a little:
  • I couldn’t believe it when someone told me:
  • If I could tell my 15 years old self anything, it’d be:
  • Most days you can find me:
  • People often refer to me as:
  • One thing I never expected was:
  • Tackling my to-do list today, priority #1 is:
  • One thing I’m looking forward to is:
  • Hi, I’m (name) and here are 5 facts about me:
  • If my life were a movie quote, today it’d be:


Since engagement is the name of the game, invite your followers TO engage. Sound silly? It’s not. The more you invite them, the more used to engaging they will get. Think of ways to get them involved!

  • "Double tap if _____"
  • “Tag your BFF”
  • “Tell me what your favorite ____ is!”
  • “Share your most used emoji”
  • “Describe your weekend in an emoji!”
  • "Tag your favorite __________ below!"
  • "Tell me what your favorite book/shop/podcast etc. is".
  • Do a contest - Give them a reason to click off of the app
  • Share “exclusive” content through a link
  • Whats something you’re celebrating in your life?


Like we said, some days are harder than others, it’s okay to go a little basic or default every once in a while. If you are really stuck, grab something like this BUT take it a step further.

  • Find a quote that speaks to you and share why!
  • Pull a few lines from a book your reading and share more about it.
  • Share a favorite account that you follow and encourage people to check it out!
  • Take a line out of a song and then share why you love it!
  • Tell a silly joke and encourage people to “double tap” if they laughed.


Every post should include either an engagement booster OR a specific call to action. Your calls to action can be small asks or big asks, but having a call to action is what leads to major engagement and building your following.

  • Tell me below if you would try this meal!
  • Tag three accounts below who I should be following.
  • Click the link in my profile to check out all the outtakes from our family pictures!
  • Share your biggest struggle with your diet right now.
  • Head over to @___________ to get inspired!
  • Click the link to grab one for yourself and use code ________ to get 10% off your purchase!


Instead of just sharing generic things or ONLY sales posts (for those of you wanting to be influencers), share specific things about YOU that are memorable. This is why people think of unicorns, macaroons, amazing Amazon finds, and tying-the-perfect-knot-in-your-clothing tutorials when they think of us!

  • My Starbucks order is:
  • If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only eat one thing, it’d be:
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be:
  • A day in the life looks like:
  • My first email address was:
  • One thing you’d never guess about me is: 

So next time you've got the perfect image to share but aren't feeling particularly engaging with your word set, whip out this handy list and look like the engaging person you are every single time!