Happy National Unicorn Day!

It may be hard to believe but millenials aren't the only generation to have an obsession with Unicorns. Generations prior to millennials remember unicorn pop culture too. In the ’70s, the creatures galloped onto T-shirts and posters (frequently accompanied by their best friend the rainbow); in the ’80s, they dominated Trapper Keepers and were among the hottest items in the sticker collecting craze–especially the puffy, glittery ones.

[Photo: courtesy of Lisa Frank]

[Photo: courtesy of Lisa Frank]

And in the 90's, we, along with the help of Lisa Frank, carried around trapper keepers, folders, notebooks, and slap bracelets emblazoned with the mythical creatures and not nearly enough rainbows to keep us happy.

But long before they were made popular on sweatshirts and puffy stickers, Unicorns have been celebrated since the Ancient Greek times when people believed they lived in exotic India. They're even the national animal of Scotland (we're already packing our bags!)

They were originally viewed as powerful, fierce animals, who are not to be messed with - but later became seen as a symbol of strength and love. As it happens, today is National Unicorn Day, so we're sharing all of our unicorn-themed favorites!

You babes know us. Our love of the Unicorn runs deep and wide, mainly due to our belief that each of us embodies certain 'mythical' and 'unique' characteristics that make us all part unicorn. So here are our favorites (in no particular order) that we're stocking up on to make sure each day has some element of unicorn magic in it!

1. 3 Pc Unicorn Makeup Zipper Pouches

What's more appropriate than a unicorn bag to carry your unicorn makeup essentials? This bag (you're getting all 3 for around $10) is one of our favorites and definitely a perfect one for gifting! Gift two and keep one for yourself!

3 Pc Unicorn makeup zipper pouch set

3 Pc Unicorn makeup zipper pouch set

2. Unicorn Tears Bronzer by Too Faced

Inspired by Too Faced’s bestselling Unicorn Tears lipstick, this unicorn design has a magical lavender and blue sparkle. The buildable powder is a unique blend of two shades designed to flatter most skin tones, and produces a radiant, shimmering effect. 

3. Unicorn Pool Float

Because every pool party deserves a little color and summer is right around the corner! Pool floats can get expensive but at $20, we feel like this one is a STEAL!

unicorn pool float

unicorn pool float


4. Sparkly Unicorn Wrapping Paper

Because every gift should come in pretty, magical paper - especially those gifts you give yourself! It doesn't matter if you're 5 or 45, every girl is guaranteed to love this unicorn wrapping paper!

6. Milk Makeup Holographic Stick

This is our #1 pick for unicorn dewiness! Use on the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid's bow above your lip or layer beneath your foundation for that natural looking "glow from within". We love layering this with eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick!

milk makeup holographic stick

milk makeup holographic stick

7. Unicorn Sandals

These are seriously the SAME sandals as birkenstocks but instead of $40, you're only paying $12.99!!! And they're so amazing! Between the two of us, we own almost every color of the real deal but after discovering these exact knockoffs my bank account, and my husband are so much happier!

Yes, like unicorns, you are strong, powerful, and incredibly unique! but what really sets you apart from them is the fact that you're real.